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This is a free service with complete privacy (no cookies, no ads, no analytics, no storage, no tracking) for anyone who uses the Combined Nomenclature at work.

You can use it on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops with your favorite browser.

How to

First click/tap on Options and select a year and then a language.

Then click/tap on Search and start typing. You will get real-time auto-suggestions in full list as you type, and results with highlights based on your query when you click/tap the search icon or hit enter.

To search for € type the equal sign [=], for squares or cubics type 2 or 3 (i.e. cm2 or cm3), and for degrees Celsius type zero and c [0c].

Searching for corresponding codes is easy too. Just type the commodity code from the previous year and you will get an auto-suggestion list of all corresponding codes.

Finally you may click/tap on Browse to view the structure of the Combined Nomeclature for the selected year and language.

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